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Last Updated: Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 1:15:15 PM

IMG_0280Every Friday night we have the kids we do "Party Night", a tradition Rob started with the kids before I moved into their lives and they love it. I love it too, it's fun and we try to do different thingsevery time, try different foods, listen to music, watch a movie and have fun.

Most times Rob makes the decision (i love to make him feel he does) of what to do during party night, but this time I suggested we do cupcakes and ribs, not that I don't throw in a sweet, chocolate suggestion for the rest party nights (I am a chocolate lover and so is Emmy).

IMG_0240 | IMG_0240Emmy made the cupcakes from begining to end, we helped at the end to decorate them, and she did a wonderful job, they are really tasty. The ribs were so delicious with Rob's signature mashed potatoes, it was all great. We finished the night with a boy movie:) Bond, "The World is Not Enough" with Pierce Brosnan who I would watch any time, who cares about the movies he is in:)

Great party night, the kids had fun, Matthew really enjoyed listening to Mamma Mia, no he didn't, he is into MyChemical Romance and Greenday. I took lots of photos, I couldn't miss capturing those precious moments on camera, kids grow so fast so they need lots of pictures.

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