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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I will always be in love with you!!!


IMG_0841 | IMG_0841It was early June when we decided to go up to Canmore again and leave the daily grinds behind, it has been awhile since we were up there and we felt we needed to get away for the weekend. I was very excited to leave the city and go relax by the pool and do nothing; little did I know what was coming that weekend.

It was a warm, sunny Friday night. I hurried home from work and couldn't wait to leave the town. Rob had everything prepared, including food and snacks, as he told me. He made yummy snacks for the car ride: Bacon wrapped scallops,mmmmm, something should have clicked in my head with that fancy snack, but he usually makes fancy food and always goes beyond the ordinary preparation, so it did not click in my head what was coming that weekend.

It was June 11, 2010. We arrived at the condo, carried all the bags we took with us (we usually pack aIMG_0842 lot for a weekend, two laptops, cameras, photography accessories, the dog and her stuff, oh and clothes), went upstairs and Rob said he was making dinner and all I had to do is watch movies. I thought...whoot, whoot, for sure. He pulls out a gift for me wrapped in brown paper and tells me that he just bought me a movie to entertain myself while he was cooking, but he didn't want the movie to get ruined so he wrapped it. I open it up and it is "Sex and the City" - The Wedding Collection. In my mind I was thinking "Wow, are you proposing or something", but did not say anything, I thought maybe because I love the show and the movies he got it for me, and because the box set was a better price, it made sense.

The movie was excellent, even though i have seen it million times now, I was laughing, tearing up at times while sipping on my red wine, I loved it.

IMG_0839 | IMG_0839When dinner was ready, I sat at the bar, Rob poured me another glass, I was looking at the plate: steak and lobster. MMMM, I am thinking, still oblivious, even though I thought in my head earlier that he may be proposing, but still totally unexpected, and still even after he pulled out my proposal gift, I was still oblivious. It was a picture, Rob drew the map of the worl, antique looking, totally artistic, just the way we bought like art. At the bottom there was a poem. As I was reading, I was tearing up, because it was so beautiful, so sincere, caring and so loving. The last sentence was "Maria will you marry me?". I was still shocked 5 minutes later that Rob had to remind me that I need to answer....and so I did...Yes I will!!! champagne, dinner, laughter..........

The next day we spent on the phone telling our families about it, literally we spent the day on the phone:)

That weekend was way too short:), but I must say that no diamonds can replace the way Rob proposed.,
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