Wrapping Up 2010
Last Updated: Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 12:22:59 PM

I can't believe 2010 went so fast, I mean it seems like it was yesterday we were celebrating 2009. It has been a busy year, and if you know anything about me and us, you know we never stop working. I am workoholic, I constantly do something with photography, whether is photographing people, testing, researching, marketing, you name it, add family events to this, kids school events, hoceky games, other sports they are enrolled at the time, it can get pretty hectic around us. In between all of this I know I should be leaving some time for me; however, that is pretty tough most of the time.

Our holidays this year were very busy, 4 Christmases it was, have you ever see the movie? Yes, from one house to another:), I love Christmas, it is my favourite holiday of the year and even though it can get crazy, I still love it. Below are some of the photos from my family's holiday season, I hope you enjoy them.











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