Rock The Dress Photo Session|Canmore, AB and Jasper, AB
Last Updated: Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 10:50:22 AM

After our wedding on June 11, 2011 we spent a week in Canmore, AB. I couldn't wait to get my own "Rock the Dress" session, so I brought the dress and we went on a mission for the best locations in area. One of my favourite places for hiking in Canmore is Grassi Lakes. It is sucha fairytale setting. More on this location, check out my blog on Nature Photography|Canada, AB.

My husband Rob took all the photos from this session. He is my partner and second photographer on all weddings. His creative mind, funky sense of humor and relaxed personality makes every session a blast.

Some of the photos from Grassi Lakes:

006 | 006


010 | 010

008 | 008

009 | 009

After Canmore, we decided to go on a one day trip to Jasper. It was a fantastic drive despite the rainy weather. Below are the photos from Lake Annette just outside of Jasper, AB.

001 | 001

002 | 002

003 | 003

005 | 005

004 | 004,
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