Dale & Debra Wedding Day
Pinebrook Golf And Country Club, Calgary AB
Last Updated: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 12:31:39 PM

Dale and Debra had a beautiful, intimate gathering with their closest family and friends to celebrate their wedding. Their ceremony was originally planned outdoors looking over the beautiful and scenic mountainscape at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club, but rain decided otherwise. Despite the wet September weather, their love for each other made the day special and fun while surrounded by their family and friends. Their reception was unique as they offered a cocktail party and wine tasting. Debra wore beautiful short dress, carried an amazing bouquet and had killer high heel shoes. I was warned prior to photos Dale was very shy and not photogenic, but I cannot disagree more, take a look below of the handsome groom and beautiful bride glowing in every photo.

Dale and Debra also did "First Look" before the ceremony photos which has been in trend this year during my weddings.

"Like a lighthouse at night, may your mutual love shines brightly forever. Best wishes on your marriage! Congratulations Dale and Debra!


Groom before the first look, bride walking towards him at Pinebrook Golf Club in Calgary AB


Groom getting ready to see his bride fro first time.

First look at the bride

Getting ready for the first kiss

First look at each other

Intimate moment of bride and groom at Pinebrook Golf Club


Bride and Groom walking together on the main road of Pinebrook golf club in Calgary AB. Wedding Photography by Maria Jolly

Bride and Groom enjoying a walk together

Bride and groom photos on a rainy day

Bride and Groom wedding photo in front of Pinebrook Golf And Country Club by Maria Jolly

Bride and Groom having a laugh together

Bride and Groom portrait at Pinebrook Golf in Calgary AB

Best wedding photographer at Pinebrook Golf in Calgary AB

Wedding photography at Pinebrook Golf with the bride and groom overlooking the mountains

Creative wedding photography at Pinebrook Golf

Best wedding photographer in Calgary, AB

Bride and groom beautiful photo with the mountains in the background

Pinebrook golf club wedding photography

Bride and Groom laughing together


Bride and groom in the garden at Pinebrook golf club

Intimate and sweet moment of the bride and groom together in the garden.

Brides beautiful veil in the garden.

Elegant wedding photo of the bride and groom under the veil.

Bride and groom kissing under the veil in the garden, very romantic wedding photo at Pinebrook golf in Calgary Ab

Bride and groom in the garden

Wedding photo of the beautiful bride

Bridal photo in the garden, beautiful.

Best wedding shoes that sparkle.

Bridal bouquet in wine and red with amazing red roses and wine colored lilies

Creative and detailed wedding photography of the wedding rings, best ring shot.

Cupcakes in white and black for wedding cake.

bridal shoes in white Reception area at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club in Calgary AB

Bride and Groom at the VIP lounge at Pinebrook Golf in Calgary AB

Bride and groom at the VIP lounge kissing

Bride and groom kissing on the balcony of the VIP lounge looking over the valley.


Amazing romantic wedding photo at pinebrook golf


Wedding ceremony inside at Pinebrook Golf Club in Calgary AB

Wedding vows and exchanging of the rings


Cheese platter at the wedding reception

wine tasting at wedding reception at Pinebrook Golf Club



Beautiful wedding photo at romantic setting of Pinebrook Golf Club with the mountains in the background by Maria Jolly

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